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Pharmaceutical expertise included

Vaccines have been developed and made at the location of Dessau in Saxony-Anhalt since 1921. Today, Dessau is home to the Biopharmapark, which occupies a 120-hectare site. The state-of-the-art location – situated 90 kilometres south of Berlin and 60 kilometres north of Leipzig – has developed into a global centre for pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

The businesses that are based here have considerable expertise in the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals, in innovative vaccine technology, in quality control and compliance, as well as in research and development. In addition to the synergies that they make use of here, the companies also benefit from a highly efficient production infrastructure – in particular, that includes the company IDT Biologika, which emerged from the long standing business for the manufacturing of vaccines.

The company Technik-Energie-Wasser Servicegesellschaft mbH (TEW) was created in order to support the development of the Biopharmapark Dessau. TEW creates no-worries packages for both established companies and start-ups.

Christian Herschel, Managing Director of Technik-Energie-Wasser Servicegesellschaft mbh

“Welcome to the Biopharmapark Dessau. The combination of pharmaceutical know-how and perfect infrastructure and available space make this location one of the most efficient biopharmaceutical production clusters in Germany. TEW Servicegesellschaft mbH is your competent site operator and service provider. We support you from the initial project idea, in the planning and realization phase as well as during the operating phase of your real estate.”



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  • Development and contract manufacturing of virus vaccines, viral vectors and biologicals (IDT Biologika)
  • Pharmaceutical active ingredients, fine chemicals and special polymers (Dr. Felgenträger & Co. - Öko-chem. und Pharma GmbH)
  • Production and development of aseptically produced cytostatic drugs (Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH)
  • Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers (Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA)
  • Research and development of vaccines for pets, poultry, ruminants and pigs (Ceva Innvoation Center GmbH)                                       
  • Site operation and services with specialization for pharmaceutical companies (TEW Servicegesellschaft mbH)


  • BioPharma Translations Institute Dessau Research GmbH (BTI)




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