Your future is HERE.

Dreams, opportunities, talent. Saxony-Anhalt’s Centers of Excellence give you genuine prospects of building a promising career on the basis of your own abilities. Here you can take part in important projects at the cutting edge of development. The many outstanding companies and research institutions offer considerable opportunities. With the ideal conditions and the right environment, you have the chance to realize your full potential.

We are highlighting people who are successfully making use of their expertise here and have found their future career here. They talk about how it feels to live and work here. 

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Here the environment encourages excellence.

Christine loves that.

“How did I get here?

It was love. I met my husband in Houston where I was doing a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He had to go back to Germany and I wanted to go with him. So I ended up here. The region has given me so much over the last few years. It’s a beautiful area with great people. I did my MBA here and then started looking for a challenging job. And I found it.”


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Here the journey is the destination.

Thorsten thinks that’s great.

“I’m 23 and I’m studying for the top-level pharmaceutical industry qualification. The work climate at IDT is just how I hoped it would be. It’s good that I have the chance to grow and develop here. My department’s right behind me. We’re a team of young, committed people. I've made a lot of friends.”

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Here we’re building the future.

Elisabeth benefits from that.

„I grew up here and I belong here. I began as an apprentice and then
did a part-time degree alongside my job.
And now I´m responsible for launching completely new developments.“

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Here you’ll find a good work-life balance.

Johannes values that.

“I started at Dow as an apprentice chemical lab technician. Then alongside working shifts, I did a distance learning course at a local university and finished up with a degree in process engineering. Not long ago, I even went to Canada for work. Now I’m responsible for several areas of the plant. The trust that they put in me has really boosted my self-esteem.

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Here ideas meet ideals.

Kathrin enjoys that.

“The concentration of companies and research institutes is very special. People don’t imagine that so many important things are happening here in Dessau. During the pandemic, we produced coronavirus vaccines here alongside our normal work. We draw up the dosages of medications. Pharmaceutical and chemical lab technicians can prepare and formulate drugs. And every day is different, every day there’s something new happening!”

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Here it’s new and exciting.

Matthias finds this inspiring.

“The equipment is amazing and the working conditions are great. But what I find most inspiring is the flexible, creative approach to developing new solutions. I arrived by a fairly direct route. I did an internship here during my degree, then I got a job as a biotechnologist and now I’m a head of department with people reporting to me. I can go on making progress, because there is a lot of emphasis on the corporate culture here.”

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