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A high tech park in a countrysinde park

Innovation is the basis for the success of Ostfalen Technology Park as well as the companies and research institutes that are located here. The concept behind the centre of industry and commerce is certainly innovative: the commercial space has been integrated in a countryside park. Magdeburg Innovation and Start-Up Centre (IGZ Magdeburg), in which new business start-ups, scientific organisations and medium-sized companies develop product ideas to market maturity, has also chosen to locate at the park. At present, 75 companies with some 450 employees work in the IGZ alone. The Centre for Electromobility and Energy Efficiency (ZEE), which opened in 2016, and in which companies develop integrated mobility services, also stands for innovation in the technology park.

All in all, 140 companies use the ideal location conditions of the park, which is situated in direct proximity to Magdeburg, the capital of the federal state, as well as two motorways, for manufacturing and logistics

Frank Nase, Mayour of the municipalty of Barleben


„Ostfalen Technology Park – a location for research, manufacturing and distribution: Since 1990, the region which was once largely rural has developed into an up-and-coming location for research, manufacturing and technology. The developer is the “Ostfalen Technology Park” municipal special purpose association"

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"The developments have been facilitated by the long-term strategies of the municipal authorities and influenced positively by the immediate proximity to the capital of the federal state, Magdeburg.

It’s a combination which represents the technical and social infrastructure at the European level with competitive locational costs on an optimum basis.

In the development plans for the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, the location has been identified as a priority location for large industrial and commercial areas of regional importance, and as a regionally-significant location for scientific infrastructure which is to be further developed according to the requirements of the federal state. On this basis, a variety of cooperation networks have developed with companies in the area of commerce and industry, research businesses as well as university and non-university organisations – this is another locational advantage.”

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Total area in hectare


Available area in hectare


Parkland in hectare


Companies on site


Companies at the business and founder centre




  • Technology-oriented companies
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Publishing, printing and packaging industry
  • Electrical and control technology
  • Information and communication technology
  • Vehicle technology (automotive) and logistics
  • Renewable energy
  • Factory automation
  • Educational organisations
  • Service providers





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