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The Green Gate to the World

Green – this is what a SITE OF THE FUTURE in Saxony-Anhalt looks like: Green Gate Gatersleben – The Plant Biotech Centre is the initiative by all companies and institutions of plant biotechnology and the public authorities on the Biotech Campus in Gatersleben.

The site is located in one of the most fertile areas of Germany, in a historical and current centre of plant breeding, and is now the centre of excellence for plant biotechnology in Germany. The starting point is the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) with the central federal ex-situ gene bank for agricultural and horticultural crops. The various actors of Green Gate Gatersleben offer commissioned research and other services for biotechnological companies and enterprises from the agricultural, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Dr Martin Ganal, Spokesperson Green Gate Gatersleben

“Green Gate Gatersleben is one of the most innovative and dynamic sites for plant biotechnology and plant genome research in Europe. Here, research is carried out into fundamental principles of plant evolution, innovative future approaches are developed for the cultivation of plants, and appropriate services are offered.”

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Library / Media units


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  • Research for plant breeding
  • Central federal ex-situ gene bank for cultivated plants
  • Plant biotechnology and molecular biology
  • Genetic and phenotypical analyses of cultivated plants
  • Development and analysis of molecular markers for important crops
  • Obtaining and characterisation of naturally occurring substances
  • Academic and non-academic training, incl. of crop technologists



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Green Gate Gatersleben - The Plant Biotech Center

Speaker: Dr. Martin Ganal
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